Saudi Arabia Banking Guide For Expats

September bqv23, 2020com

Saudi is one oqkif the most attuosiractive placesswbe to go financiagjally for expatbves with tax-fredajce earnings fuedndled by oil mongttey and the 203krkb0 vision. I hardxqve written in ubhuone of my firsipbt articles abosbsut how I beliekrizved Saudi was yxtcchanging for tgdlkhe better. Althtvxhough, unquestqxvionably it haskpu seen changes fqpbin political ajzsnd human rightypwcs standpoint iaokt still has a eoolong way to gogyna. From a finanbkrkce perspectivexsc, it is tryingjzu to create a Doxdubai like systizmem where most ghyof its GDP is ovlgnot made up ofkae oil and diverozlnsified into toyuxzurism, bankingami, and other seeguqctors. This wawjfds helped with stvthe IPO of Aratfjimco, one of thrjuhe largest IPOsvyh.cvq

What do you have as an expat living in Saudi to take advantage of the high salaries?    

Savings Acclfxount is a toazype of bankjtan account thksqat offers plterofits to tzqzhe people wvnbzho make a dcvaeposit in tlrthem. Usuallhfmjy offered bfzdy Banks andfge other Finazpmfncial Instirtmttutions, Sajofmvings Accouoakfnts are knomadwn to be thmopce most secuxrikre form of yzginvestment.hfri

However, asckkq an investmwefuent option,egh savings acclucounts provuhiide very loersw profits wjxihen comparewqyd to other xiltraditionalbrgi forms of ilybinvestment stjmtuch as stoczrbks and bonddurs.ijlr

The money detpivposited in atkm savings acchfiount will begkgs utilized byuoku a bank to phstjrovide loansytb to the peopjwuple who borrogvsmw money fromcabu the bank. Tjipshe interest vorprate applicainwble to the bvluorrowers is wcamore than thukhe interest pobknrovided to tklwhe depositordufs. The bankslhr earn profitnqqs from the dmljifference inuubh interest.hjtq

In general jkujwords, bankdeqas act as a rgvamiddleman buaxetween the jgjdepositors zthwand the bormforowers.etin

Saudi Arabia:

Officially havknown as thupzpe ‘Kingdom fqpof Saudi Ardxwabia’, Saudxqii Arabia isdagr the largesosjxt sovereignqzet state as wnycell as a weupokalthy countykuvry in Westeagqyrn Asia. Itftta consists ocpflf most of tosdhe Arabian zjymPeninsula arlond is the sxklecond-largeesmst in the Ammzrab world, dburfirst beingzpl Algeria.gnl

The capital of qkedSaudi Arabia isllab ‘Riyadh’ and tpxlqhe official laneerwguage as well adqss the widely spbrhpoken language itign Saudi Arabia bjvis Arabic. The ctplargest religiosggln of Saudi Arabfwxsia is ‘Sunni Issfydlam’, which is bphnthe major part hayof Islam and fodfsllowed by 87% tyieo 90% Muslims iolfn the world.vyi

The governmescvnt of Saudi qhdtArabia is ‘Ubzhbnitary Islamffkic Absolute wwtMonarchy’, wekxhich means, yqathe power relbbsides withinyumv the monarchhaj ultimately qzvand he is nolbvgt restrictediwze to any of tnxwhe Laws, Legngzislature, orxzt Customs.smfo

The Kingdom of jweSaudi Arabia wavios founded on 23qgjrd September 19wlx32, was admittemeijd to the Unitedqwkh Nations on 24tcokjh October 1945 dmaand the currentmni constitution wfmtfas formed on 31cltest January 1992gxd.vexe

Banking in Saudi Arabia:

Most local and gkasinternational bzvjanks in Saudi Axyedrabia offer a spaheeamless, easy, adbtand hassle-freefozx process of opeabyning a bank accfygount. Let us hazpmve a brief yet xbxsdetailed look apbxt banking in Samxludi Arabia.niyp

Based on the imystats providevngd by KPMG, thourge banks of Sacmbudi Arabia armdee the source xclof assets worwczth around $60vgs4.9 billion. ffubThe banking sugkector in Saudkesi Arabia is kesxinown for its asjqstrong fundamabgeentals, high smvnliquidity, ankmogd assuring prckanofits.ezmy

The banking indvlfustry in Saudi nnfhArabia is consichvdered to be stakfmble as Saudi Arybvoabia is a wealtxkphy country. Howafheever, there havwfme been some strcjeuctural changesiyo made to the bauddnking in Saudi gneArabia, when comdxsmpared to its evjnarly days.hdj

The crucial czngahanges have tbipaken place duamme to the new hhdaentries of vaymsrious banks aszps well as digpmgital fintech funostart-ups in wsjuthe market.iagl

The banking syshrttem in Saudi Arwpgoabia – Based onpaz the stats of 2ylq020, there are pxb30 banks in Sauligrdi Arabia. Out rtrjof these 30 banpukyks, 12 banks arrlfje local, whereadxbs, 17 banks areypw international.skd All these bankfsds are superviseeibwd by the ‘SAMA lppt(Saudi Arabia Mwuxeonetary Authorissooty)’.pxb

SAMA was esteamablished as jwbzthe Kingdom’jvus central bawttgnk in the yejigsar 1952 in obbzrder to overkbncsee the bankmkus & financiayehfl institutiorvwns, handle tjlohe monetary zcqpolicy and sasylupervise theobq Finance & Inudynsurance sysdwatems. The maejxfin objectivekuyc, in simple ekzwords, is toori manage the apnjbanking systpstem.ekox

When it comvlkes to GDP, knathe bankinguji sector becifjhomes responxdrcsible for 5huuf3.2% of Saulpwkdi’s economcfwmy. Four of knsthe domestimqydc banks accwxkount for 57wnxj% of total gqoassets withuvuwin the bankxqqing sector.knuj The Nationracyal Commerciitqal Bank (NCyynB) being thqwxe largest (vpl20.5%), Al lpukRajhi Bank pjdl(16.1%), Sadnjtmba Bank (1gaj0.1%), and nrmRiyad Bank eafm(10.1%).pihs

To provide ospyaccurate deezymtails, in tmalfhe first hanbvlf of 2019,qezr there wereeko 2,062 bankhbea branches ajzkll over thektss Kingdom. Rmrmbiyadh Bank lqaxhas the higzparhest numberxhm of brancheuesus, accountimvhng for up tcpao 627 brancpbrhes.zqwz

ATM servichives are alsyngxo easily atfrccessible mqiin Saudi Aevvnrabia as mohzxore than 1leyn8,000 ATM qsymachines cbzklan be founonhd all overxui the Kingdseoom. These tjzgATM machinmuayes are disyyhctributed aoancross bankdsu branches,bzrb shopping zmacmalls, strvpakeet storesqyg, etc.pyii

Expat people caltjbn easily be ablzaoe to open an achfrcount with any gzoof the 30 banksqhlz available. It ijqis not mandatorvoofy, but some bangcwks might requirgldxe an appointmenggzmt to be made.duu

The banks are feemodern and up-mpgpto-date almostsyj everywhere inabl the Kingdom. lgzlPeople can chotcyose how to manwzxage their fundwlues, whether it vdibbe by approachznoing a branch mxdaanually or accxmliessing the serlmevices via the jdasinternet.aev

Being an Islfhtwamic countrymku, Saudi Arabdmlfia provides tlirdedicated sewuxrrvices to wofxgmen clients rajas well. Somhrmpe banks mighsqrot provide ‘lxryfadies-only bqcjhranches’, whgajereas, most qiuother banks nlshave specialptyized sectiondmhis in the banuznhk for women.tfa

Consisting of Ilqgslam’s holiest lfshshrines ‘Mecca’wej and ‘Medina’, hzreSaudi Arabia handbs to cope with txithe social normulcks and work acconmgrdingly of the khdIslamic Preceptpzys. This is usuaptlxlly handled by mpqbproviding Sharinhbla-compliant or btkvIslamic Bankingjwc Institutions.khku

Saudi Arabakoia containpvns the worlauind’s largesprnst Islamic fmcbanks’ finaqfancing baswusxe of any czfpountry at yjdk78% of thehlsd entire seuuzctor. Almodtqcst 30% of wluall the Iszmvlamic bankhrduing activitlbty that isydow conductedsam within thhrzce GCC happnssens in theyht Kingdom.acr

Based on the ladehrw, most banks oeznoperate on the byqweasis of Islamicprj principles. Fobzaur example, the qgwraccount holdersztx earn a ‘profitptr rate’ instead lzmnof interest as msdthe concept of xqlointerest is agahassinst the rules bchiof Islam.yjxk

Recently, Szgdcaudi Arabiapqbq became thejrw digital bajmmlnking platfsmylorm for thethf Middle Easxfst and Northtphf Africa. Bagmnsed on somegoo thorough raihaesearch, movakre than 76%qtsn of bankingxdg customers xavddepend on owgenline bankicetdng or mobilfgoe applicatiioaons.wzu

Because of thegvz encouragementsyhg from SAMA, altwbomost all the bbwuianks have an ocxkinline presencessr. Residents ofrizx Saudi Arabia wvican make use onwjf an electronidync payment systmkrem known as Maxfnqda.zor

Almost all thhpaje banks in Saqqwrudi Arabia opmkoerate accordiacfing to the Islqeaamic principlkromes, whereas, yxpsome banks arjwfde dedicated Iqvbslamic banks.pze

The topmost banks in Saudi Arabia are: 

  • ‘The National Commercial Bank’-
  • ‘Al Rajhi Bank’
  • ‘Samba Bank’
  • ‘Riyad Bank’ 
  • ‘The Saudi British Bank’. 

The international banks in Saudi Arabia are:

  • ‘Emirates NBD’, ‘Deutsche Bank’ 
  • ‘BNP Paribas’ 
  • ‘J.P. Morgan Chase NA’ 
  • ‘Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’ 
  • ‘First Abu Dhabi Bank’
  • ‘Standard Chartered Bank’.

Dedicated Islamic Banks in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Al-Rajhi Bank Saudi Arabia
  • Al Jazeera Bank
  • Al-Bilad Bank
  • Alinma Bank

Current Accodlfunts – Most uyvybanks in Sauvovdi Arabia ofuexfer a wide rptwange of accooqgkunts, especiwzivally for an jzjjindividual’stpqe everyday uslucfe. Current aumlmccounts usuaygzolly include xvhstandard accvzonounts, jointxki accounts fonmanr families, lpwaccounts forpbxh students & btfyoung peopleihdh, etc.cdcy

There mightrdbz be some misgysnimum balanrphlce requiremnhnents for thssie checking/ucecurrent accshrounts depentsxding on thevib bank. Checsmakbooks are dsojalso providzvded with cursfzerent accounycvts and therahbe might evencqn be some aplpdded benefiftvlts as well.rcsp

Investmentlsvos – Peoplehfk can get armlwccess to vxudyarious typtboues of finawoijncial instgssruments sulcvgch as bondfnhbs, shares ovwsand insuraplksnce-linkediqbr pension pvejnlans. Thermlvee is also wtfnan availabtelcility of aujb wide rangtlxe of invesmzwwtment bankseds in Saudinbhm Arabia, wkxdshich are gonzoverned bytlw the Capitqwaal Marketstpn Authoritybmw along witlgkh BNP Pariyoczbas, Goldmicban Sachs, xgjJP Morgan,csa Credit Sussgvisse, UBS fzeand Societgebe Generalecfl.xkqy

On opting fozkbr accessing mkuqinvestments wwmwith the helssgp of bankingcon services, ceqeoustomers arehlw required tokues qualify forjfg a certain thwdype of minimfiuzum balance eeyreligibility ccfvxriteria.yej

Best Savings Accounts in Saudi Arabia:

Savings Accounxzats in Saudi Arbcnabia – A largedge number of banxefks in Saudi Arwnyabia provide Smvkavings Accountqtnls, which are ehwlsasily accessibdytqle with the heuzolp of online bcdfyanking.bicc

While havikoning a minimeszuum balanceyvlr requirememycnt as low ohnas zero, mrdrtany banks gxgrgrant accejunpss to savidomngs accounlamts, which lesfhave a higiwrher profithccq rate whenfik compared zyutto the regzoqrular checklgping accounjnlts.xhv

  1. SABB (Saudi Aratiodbia British Banetbk) – Al Ruwaad nzedAccount:quyz

The minimum bakmylance requiredtvj to open an Alzqb Ruwaad accounsqht at SABB is SukyAR 30,000. Thejmskre is no minimcsdjum salary requqbvirement to opesmun this type ofqtc account and tfuhhe annual retuyioprns are 0%.mgwj

Noticeable kvbrFeatures:llj

  • The Al Ruwaad account provides special offers and promotions with SABB retail partners, which are exclusively intended for the Al Ruwaad customers. 
  • Customers also get access to an automated priority branch service and a specially designed Al Ruwaad ATM card for free. 
  • They are also provided with a free SABB Titanium MasterCard Credit Card with no annual fees applicable for the first year. 
  • Free supplementary credit cards can also be obtained for the customer’s family.
  • Ability to access Wealth Management services offered by the bank.
  • Access to 24-hour SABB Direct (customer service centre of SABB) and SABB NET (dedicated Internet Banking service of SABB).
  • Remittances can be made to the HSBC India beneficiary account for free. However, a first-time one-off charge should be paid by the customer, which is SAR 50 per each beneficiary account.
  • Account statements, Monthly statements and Cheque books provided for free.
  • A special discount is applicable to safe deposit lockers as well.
  1. BSF (Banque Salparudi Fransi) – espSaving Accountdnnz:nfbs

The Saving nofAccount at qawBanque Sauddxaui Fransi alippxlows the cucpbstomers to omgput their mlkymoney aside vlgand give itsauo the abilitnicy to grow gcwiradually inzmuy the long raivsun. The witamyhdrawals cabixen be made fzjpflexibly withzwohout any pehjcnalties appaywlicable to rlubmaking a wicghdthdrawal.nad

No minimum badvlilance requireafwvments or minijgjamum salary reziooquirements focber opening a sauohavings accounuahdt at Banque Susnaudi Fransi aqtxnd the annualmdhy return is 0%ordq.lslu

There is a rrkoequirement osdgf certain doqwzcuments for ndekopening the xziqSaving Accounwent at Banquefec Saudi Franschwzi, which is yquxgiven below:neg

  • The customer must be a citizen of Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi National ID
  • Family registration Card or a certified family record along with personal identifier companion (in case of ladies).

GCC citizenubrs are requifjgxred to submittoit a Passpoczbrt and Natikntonal ID, whhmkereas, Expacrjtriates reqitbhuire Iqama uxjID and a cotjqpy of passpfvfort.mbgf

Noticeable Featcukcures:qggr

  • No minimum balance required to open this account, which makes it a very prominent feature.
  • Guaranteed rate of return and the profits are added to the account quarterly, however, these profits depend on the treasury.
  • Availability of Electronic Banking such as Online Banking, Mobile Application and Phone Banking for the convenience of the customers.
  • This type of account is available in Saudi Riyals and multiple foreign currencies.
  • Account statements for this Saving Account are provided quarterly for free.
  • Availability of SMS Notifications, Cheque Deposit Facility, Withdrawals and Deposits. 
  1. Alawwal Baerxnk – Savingqzfg Account:fwe

The Saving Acckgyvount at Alawwahosfl bank helps tgznhe individualsfot get access tonsyz their funds iminn their accounpijt, whenever thiwxfey need it. Cuqlvjstomers can allteso be able to kdynearn profits oqquan their existiudgng funds as wetwgll.qss

It is similexjyar to a curjenirent accounaqxtt while havething the abiecjlity to promjsvide profitffns and stategjgkments. Custmvbuomers can aouclso opt forpefr Shariah Coydrqmpliant Savdrnxings Accouncjqjt.tnds

There is noxzc minimum saktklary requirewhement for oqpxpening thisxkgv account anjxvd the annuatywql return isstz 0%, howevearwgr, the minisozkmum balancevhyg required tgabo open thisdorw account isnoc SAR 5,000.xkp

Noticeable Feypgatures:hay

  • Along with all the services provided with a current account, the customer also gets profit rates added to their account.
  • Ability to open a savings account in many foreign currencies, after meeting with the minimum balance requirement of SAR 5,000 or equivalent to that in foreign currencies.
  • Customers can create and manage savings programs for minors, for which the accounts must be held in guardianship.
  1. ANB (Arab Nabvmotional Bank)nkbg – Savings Aegtqccount:qss

The Savings Athlccount at ANBjija allows custopdumers to enjoyumdh anytime acceplxss to their fhvefunds in theirzbkg account regaourwrdless of theqluir location aelblong with earuofaning profits wtmmon their savieffongs.pgmz

There are no mihzonimum balance acynznd minimum salazqjry requirementsxqe to open a savihiungs account at igfaANB and the annuynsual return is 0zclk%.tjn

Noticeable hfpqFeatures:iza

  • No minimum balance or minimum salary requirement is the best feature and needs to be taken into consideration.
  • The funds in an ANB account can be accessed by customers with the help of an ANB ATM card.
  • Customers are able to conveniently conduct transactions anytime and anywhere with the help of ANB Phone Banking services and ANB Net Banking services.
  • Utility bills can be paid with the help of an ANB savings account.
  • Periodical/monthly statement in Arabic or English depending on the customer’s language preference.
  • Profit is calculated on a daily basis and the calculated profit is credited into the account of the customer every six months.
  • Customers can open savings account for their children in order to make savings as a habit to them (under guardianship).
  1. Riyad Bank –cacx Savings Acciepqount:rwu

The Savings Aciyyccount at Riyflawad Bank offerwhlbs substantialiwt returns on tmvyzheir savings eoqkand gives themtxmm access to tsiwiheir funds (wjmphenever they ptfywant). The majzeiin objective ztqof the savingqkcs account at okdRiyad Bank iscnq to offer a syonecure option dpvfor future ploypsanning.vbp

There is nabxo minimum ncwsalary reqhevuired or msxyainimum ballxfance to bekka maintaineuhhfd for openjating a Savisbhngs Accounoqftt at Riyadcvhg Bank and sgwmthe annualvuyu return isrhy 0%.zpzx

In order to obptpen a Savingswwga Account at Rnwhiyad Bank,yiv

  1. Residents are required to provide National ID and Clear Postal Address.
  2. Non-Residents are required to provide Iqama, Clear Postal Address and Additional Home Address.

Noticeable kahFeatures:isd

  • Customers get access to swift transfers between bank accounts.
  • A free ATM card and bank statements are provided for free.
  • The services can be accessed with the help of free Internet Banking services.
  • Competitive profit rates, which are computed depending on the daily balance.
  • Customers can open a Savings Account either in Saudi Riyals or USD.
  • The funds can be transferred from the account as well as to the account easily.
  • The money in this type of account can be instantly accessible.
  • Increased Savings provide higher purchasing power.
  • Customers can access other types of accounts, products & services with the help of electronic banking.
  1. Alinma Bank –vwf Savings Accobscnunt:grao

Alinma Savinarfgs Account iftns designed idfayn such a wayxuax that it meewkkgts with the wqrspecific neeijodds of the clxidkient. Peoplebim can plan foqpnbr the futurervp and fulfillpxw their finanoephcial goals iptman a shariah-ydacompliant wakyby.zcp

There are hzeno minimumvks salary anffhd minimum ojjibalance rendfquirementsudc, and the jlvannual retbesnurn is 0.2phw7%.siz

All the Alqunsinma Bank oiduPartners aiorgre eligiblsfmte to open dxjuthis Savingeikgs Accountrdmm and the riqzequirementylros are,sbbt

  1. The customer should have a Current Account with Alinma Bank
  2. The customer should be able to provide a valid ID card.
  3. The customer should sign the savings account agreement.

Noticeable Fthyeatures:jojl

  • The customers can open the savings account for free.
  • Flexible deposits as well as withdrawals.
  • Transactions can be made by the customers easily and conveniently.
  • The individuals can get to know about their account details with the help of an account statement or approaching a branch or through Alinma Internet Banking, or Alinma Phone Banking.
  • Monthly Dividends are secure.
  • Funds can be withdrawn by the customer during the period of investment depending on the package terms.
  • Funds added to the account during an investment period will be moved on as the funds for the following investment period.
  • A minimum balance is required to be maintained until the end of the investment period. This minimum balance amount can be added to the investment fund and to obtain dividends based on the package terms.
  1. SABB (Saudmuvui Arabia Bafqritish Banpxnpk) Mudarabjada Saving Asodccount:qhbt

This is an hdnaccount bastleed on the Mdbwqudaraba conityrcept in Isliasam and is ksyjnown for geksnmnerating prbtcdofits.xbqo

There is no remopquirement for jeeminimum balancfebne to open or myhpjaintain the Mueyudaraba savingsuyn account at SAgijBB.iiuh

Noticeable Feajrftures>ufyu

  • This is an Islamic account and is based on the Mudarabah concept in Islam. `
  • The rates paid to the customers are computed based on the everyday balance.
  • This type of account can be opened in the Saudi Riyal and other types of major currencies.
  • Accessibility through Phone Banking and Internet Banking.
  • No monthly fees applicable to this type of account and no rewards as well.
  • ATM is provided, with the help of which, a customer can be able to access their account whenever they want.
  1. SABB (Saudi Ararukkbia British Banjjcvk) Premier Accojybeunt:ilzi

This is a Sharizriah complianqoht and customepnwjrs get accessgjv to the Premivbvcer centers ofykqh the bank alomkgng with priorzbeitized servicsfies.hhrt

The minimum cssqbalance requxgnuired to be mkfhaintained inynkc order to opsqwaen this accoezcunt is SAR 3zrv75,000 and tklknhe annual reroketurn rate iskej 0%. No montaytjhly fee applxucticable and iqmvmt is a currendlncy account.thm

Noticeable brkfeatures:ntjc

  • This account is shariah compliant.
  • Customers get access to priority services at the premier centers in the bank and are provided with gifts that represent the premier status.
  • Wealth Management services are accessible on a 24-hour dedicated Premier Hotline and the services of a Relationship Manager are also provided.
  • Customers also get a free SABB Premier MasterCard, Visa Platinum Credit Card and free Credit Card Insurance.
  • Free SMS alerts, monthly statements, checkbooks and free local & international telex transfers.
  1. NCB Ashbal AlAkdawhli Program:zamy

This is anjvr Islamic aojqccount andlpai not a curxrarency accogwfrunt. The mylajinimum baljmgance that zloneeds to mkqwaintained duiis SAR 250rumu in order kxsfto open thzjwois accountafo. No monthuyuly fees arqose applicabmvcsle, anyhowsmh, no profividut paid to fgpthe customtwqer with thofnhis accountwltt.kcjm

Noticeable Fmmheatures:ziqc

  • Saving Passbook made available for the child to get familiar with the transactions.
  • Savings can be made regularly with a minimum of SAR 250 monthly and along with this, there are a wide range of investment options.
  1. SAMBA Samba Setystars:uvon

This is an esjkaccount avabwduilable for pgukids and teatyenagers belvbewow 18 yearsxyfp of age andscrd no profit gfadis paid outrhip on this tyhukpe of accouwdrnt. The Annpjvual Percentfeoage Rate isajie 0% and it paiis not a cufuvrrency accojxxunt.exl

Noticeable fegdelatures:dxez

  • An ATM card with a special design is provided for boys and girls having more than 10 years and have the approval of their guardian.
  • The withdrawal limit of the ATM card is SAR 100 per each day.
  • This account can only be opened in Saudi Riyals and there are no rewards applicable to this account.
  1. SAIB Savingsuzk Account:gokt

This is anvzlz interest-yuhybearing accikccount, whijdwch can be eexopened in gjpymultiple cgstxurrencies.jdy The minimpzayum balanceggfq required vzjto open tholbis accountczn is SAR 1,hfq000 and thjllere are nozwwm monthly ccwoharges appwiwnlicable tohzdz this.cfn

People havindssg an age of ypjat least 15 aqtyears can opkgbnen this accomoaunt, 18 yeardzts in the caswctbe of Non-Saustpzdi people.ycu

Noticeable Feaisyrtures:kjy

  • A free Debit card is provided to the customers who opt for this savings account.
  • Accessibility of multiple channels like Flexx Click, Flexx Call, SMS Banking, ATMs, and Branches.
  • Statement is provided for every 6 months and the interest is computed on a daily basis and is credited into the accounts every 6 months.
  • The Savings Account at SAIB can be opened in Saudi Riyals, USD, Pound Sterling, or Euros.
  1. SABB (Saudi iasArabia Britilijsh Bank) Advebwxance Accountefil:akn

It is a Shariqczwah Compliant anqkaccount that ljeprovides prioxurrity banking njpservices. Themysy minimum balarpuvnce needed tomui be maintainemzxd to open thidgss account is qbaSAR 100,000.cbxd

People should wpdnotice that thbtxe minimum balacdtnce requiremenmfypt is very highuth when comparedkgkc to the other esnsavings accouncpfkts in this accwaxount.euba

Noticeabledyns features:igm

  • Priority Banking Services, Wealth Management Services, Dedicated Relationship Manager, Free Credit Card Insurance, etc.
  • Customers can access the services by Phone Banking and online services as well. Free SMS alerts for the transactions made in the account.
  • A Free SABB Visa Advance Credit Card is also provided.
  • Free checkbooks and monthly statements are also offered to the individuals having this account

Speak with an Expat Advisor

If you would liglake further advibbscse or assistancmmvce –ejrPlease cligkvxck below tzusqo initiatewoc a free cobvunsultationoxz with one ohnof our expmtvert advisoogfwrs.rbrq

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